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I can work long-term or short-term and if you need me to come into the office, we will have to discuss a schedule that works for both of us. My rates are very affordable, as I love working best with small businesses and know that budgeting for someone to perform these duties can be difficult. I do it because I enjoy this kind of work and appreciate the chance to maintain my knowledge and experience from schooling and previous work. I prefer these types of environments, where teamwork means something, your job holds value, honesty, and trust are more than appreciated. ​

My hours vary depending on schedule needs.  For in-person services, my hours are limited due to scheduling for other clients and other commitments.  I prefer to, and usually am able to perform duties from home on my own schedule, seven days a week.  For those clients, I will perform based on client needs and usually will arrange to meet with you to discuss what is being done or needs to be done to assure your business is running smoothly.  In these cases, it will not be any additional cost for me to work nights or weekends vs in-person.

For my basic bookkeeping,  my rates start at $40/hour  or we can work out a salary base pay based on expected needs, subject to change with duties and workload.  Also, if your business has been impacted by COVID, I am willing to decrease my rates until business picks up again. 

Below are  the services I provide for basic bookkeeping:

  • Accounts Payable/Receivable​

  • Bank Reconciliation

  • Filing Records

  • Reconciling accounts

  • Budget Preparation

  • Processing checks

  • Preparing financial statements

  • Bookkeeping emails 

  • Payroll processing and tax payments

Additional Accounting Services

Most of the additional abilities I can perform are generally related to the ongoing performance of your business and the maintenance of your financial records.  Many times, during a consult, I am able to determine anything else that may need to be done to help you maintain a positive status and I am able to provide you with all service costs before the agreement is made.  Sometimes it takes experience with your books and reconciling your account to determine anything else that needs to be done and I will discuss with you prior to performing the additional duties.  

If you need me to provide additional Accounting services that go beyond basic bookkeeping, my rate will increase depending on what needs to be done and how often.   Such duties include:

  • Payroll Processing

  • Collections

  • Re-reconciling accounts

  • Researching records

  • Deposits & Banking

  • Financial pre-assessment

  • Basic Tax pre-preparation

Administrative/Office Management Services

 If you need additional services for your business needs that go beyond accounting, you will most likely need someone to perform administrative and/or management services.  The rates for basic administrative services are determined by the needs of the client.  Most of these duties would need to be performed on-site rather than my working from home.  

Duties are as follows:

  • Secretarial/reception duties (on-site only)

  • Correspondence writing

  • Processing mail/e-mail

  • Scheduling/Booking

  • Customer service

  • Contract writing

If any other duties come up that I have not yet listed, we can discuss whether it is something I can perform and charge accordingly. 

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